Welcome to Business Continuity Management Awareness Self Assessment

Introduction to Business Continuity Management Awareness Self Assessment

Welcome to the Business Continuity Management (BCM) Awareness Self Assessment toolkit. We are pleased to seek additional information about BCM and have assembled these simple questions to give you a simple but clear overview of BCM.

There are twelve questions presented and they comprise two questions from each of the six sequential activity areas that constitute BCM. These are:

  • Risk Analysis and Review. Identifying threats on critical activities and supporting resources
  • Business Impact Analysis. Identifying potential impact of these threats and an organization’s abilities to continue the critical activities.
  • Formulating BC Strategy. Determining the strategy or action to safeguard and maintain the critical activities.
  • Implementing the BC Plan. Formulating business continuity plans to prepare, respond and recover from potential threats.
  • Testing and Exercises. Familiarizing key staff with the exercises and validating the plans.
  • Long Term Program Management. Reviewing risks and business impacts and re-aligning strategies and plans regularly.

So when you answer them, you will gain an understanding of the progressive steps in building resilience in your company operations.

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